Noel Gallagher shares moody 'Riverman' video - watch

The single itself will be released on May 11

Noel Gallagher has unveiled a video for his new single, 'Riverman'.

The single will be released on May 11, but first you can watch the clip below. The video switches between scenes of Gallagher wistfully strumming his guitar and hazy shots of members of the public.

Gallagher famously dislikes filming music videos. "I fucking hate videos," he said in the DVD commentary of Oasis' Time Flies DVD. "I hate the fact they cost a fortune. I hate the fact you've got to be there at 8 in the morning. I hate the fact you don't leave until 8 the next morning. I don't like the fact that the people who're making them think they're making Apocalypse Now and everything is the most important - 'this the really important shot' - fucking bollocks."

Gallagher's second album with his band, High Flying Birds, 'Chasing Yesterday' was released in February.

Noel Gallagher recently claimed that he's lost "a fucking shitload of money" on his solo career.

"Everything I've done since I left Oasis has come from my own pocket," Gallagher said. "You've got to pay for the tour, got to pay for the wages and you don't really break even for about nine months. I don't mean I lost money. I mean I lost a fucking shitload of money. It was a few million, like. I had to lie to Sara [MacDonald, wife] at first, and when I eventually did tell her, she freaked out - I mean FREAKED out."

"I did it because I felt like I could and I didn't want to be signed to a record label, I wanted to do it myself. Luckily enough it's worked out."

Noel Gallagher is among the guests confirmed for the new series of Later... With Jools Holland. Blur, Laura Marling, Kendrick Lamar and Mumford & Sons will also appear on the show, which returns on April 14.
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Video: Noel Gallagher Describes 'Chasing Yesterday' Track By Track

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