See the momentous event taking place...

You can now watch the moment when O-TOWN[/url]
came face to face with their ideal woman yesterday thanks to NME.COM - a
meeting that led the band's JACOB UNDERWOOD deciding that "she's not
as hot as we thought".

Last week we unveiled a computer generated image of the woman assembled in the band's
record-breaking 'Liquid Dreams' single - a mix of Destiny's Child[/url], Madonna[/url], Janet
Jackson[/url], Jennifer
Lopez[/url], Angelina Jolie, Cindy
Crawford, Tyra Banks, Salma Hayek and Halle
Berry - and when we met up with O-Town[/url]
yesterday we presented them with a framed print of the image. from the band decided: "I dunno, she's kinda cute but
she's got a huge mouth", with Trevor reasoning "but Janet
Jackson[/url] has a bigger face, that's why. It'll go in our studio next to our platinum plaques".

At which point Ashley decides that the band should serenade the
picture with the chorus of 'Liquid Dreams' before Erik,
perhaps unwisely, kisses the photo frame. To see the momentous event taking place, Click here...

Jacob also explained to NME.COM that 'Liquid
Dreams', which many people think is about young men's involuntary nocturnal
ejaculations, caused controversy in the States. "We definitely ran into some trouble
when we did young children's audiences and TV shows," he explains. "They wanted
us to change the lyrics. But instead we just didn't do it. A lot of people came out
thinking we were going to cater to something and try to follow the process but we just try
to be like any other 20-year-olds out there. If you listen to the song and watch the video
you can tell that it's not what you think it's about..."

For more O-Town[/url] action, check back on NME.COM later this week.

In the meantime, the band's official UK website is now live at www.o-townmusic.co.uk, with extra back-up from their label's site at www.click2music.co.uk.

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