Feast your eyes on the sumptuous clifftop retreat where the [a]Oasis[/a] star has been pondering his future...

nme.com is proud to present an exclusive insight into Noel Gallagher's swanky SPANISH hideaway.

Today we bring you photos of the sumptuous clifftop retreat where the Oasis star has been in hiding, mulling over his future.

While little brother Liam splurged to the tabloids after stand-in guitarist Matt Deighton's onstage debut in Italy last week, Noel was soaking up the sun with wife Meg and baby Anaos at the poolside of this swanky, sprawling villa, perched high above a sparkling azure bay.

nme.com's newshounds tracked down the glamorous Gallagher pad in a secluded spot in Ibiza, but were dismayed to find the errant rock 'n roll star was not at home.

Our reporters had even gone to the trouble of hand-delivering a copy of an old NME 'Oasis Split' cover issue to his door... well, to the seven-foot high solid wooden security gates at least.


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