The [b]Brat[/b] winning residents of [b]'Shorley Wall'[/b] offer another clue in the race to uncover their buried [b]NME Premier Award[/b]...

Ooberman have announced their third clue in the treasure hunt to find their recent NME Premier Award which they have hidden somewhere in the British Isles.

The clue is: "They had a perfect soundtrack for the beach".

The band decided to bury the award for a fan to find as a way of saying thank you to everyone who voted their performance at last month's NME Premier Shows at the London WC2 Astoria as the best in our week-long series of shows.

The first clue was revealed here last week, and referring to their single 'Shorley Wall', was: "The moon is rising over the sea which can only happen on one British coastline. Work out which and you're on the way". The second was: "More dykes per square mile."

After all the clues have been announced, fans will be directed to the Ooberman website www.ooberman.com where the winning contestants will be given a final clue. The winners will travel to a mystery location on April 1 where the treasure will be found.

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