Panic! At The Disco work on 'simple' second album

The band don't have a release date though

Panic! At The Disco
Panic! At The Disco have been working on their second album - and keeping things pared down.

The follow up to 2005's ’A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ will feature the song ’It’s True Love’, which the band debuted at the Virgin Festival in Baltimore last weekend (August 4-5).

Guitarist Ryan Ross said that the majority of the album was written on acoustic guitar.

He said: “We wrote (all the songs) on one acoustic guitar and with someone singing. I think that we kind of skipped that part of songwriting on the first record that this time we’re sort of paying attention to that.

“We spend the past year-and-a-half playing a bunch of songs that have weird melodies and weirder phrasings (and) long words (frontman) Brendon (Urie) still can’t pronounce all that well. We’re just tying to write songs that we have fun playing."

The band admitted that there was no release date for the new album.

Drummer Spencer Smith told MTV News: “We haven't any problem with our label at all. I don’t think we’ve talked to one person from our label since we started writing. I know a lot of bands have issues with their label, but we don't.”

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