People think that Jeremy Corbyn’s son looks like Elijah Wood

After he came to the public’s attention in the wake of last week’s general election, people have taken online to point out how Jeremy Corbyn’s son Tommy bares a striking resemblance to actor Elijah Wood.

The result now finds Prime Minister May clinging to power after her snap election bid for a majority backfired and her party lost seats in Labour made surprising gains – resulting in a hung Parliament. It’s been reported that Corbyn’s party only lost the election by just over 2,000 votes – with his progress largely secured by a huge swell of support from young voters.

Now as the media focus sharpens on Corbyn, many have noted how Tommy Corbyn looks remarkably like ‘Lord Of The Rings’ star Elijah Wood.

The 23-year-old attends the University Of York where he helps to run the Palestinian Solidarity Society. Like his brothers Seb and Ben, he is a vocal Labour activist.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has led the calls from critics for May to resign, before she vowed to form a Government with the DUP – leading to widespread criticism due to their controversial views on homosexuality, abortion and climate change.

Corbyn meanwhile, has vowed to continue to fight for power, claiming that Labour are ‘ready to lead and govern’. Many are predicting that their could be another general election as soon as October.