Piers Morgan trolled after getting election prediction wrong

"You OK, hun?"

Piers Morgan has been trolled online after his final general election prediction proved to be extremely wide of the mark.

Only an hour before polls closed last night, the divisive ‘Good Morning Britain’ host boldly claimed that a sweeping victory for Theresa May was on the cards.

He wrote: “As exit polls loom, I repeat my prediction: Conservatives to win by 90-100 seat majority”.

But as exit polls began to predict the eventuality of a hung parliament, Morgan was widely ridiculed for his inaccurate prediction.

Responding to Morgan, writer Emma Kennedy said: “You OK hun?”

Lord Sugar, his long-time Twitter rival, said in response to the initial prediction: “We will see. Who is advising you of this, Mystic Meg?”

When the prediction proved to be incorrect, he added: “You seem to have it wrong Piersy”.

Theresa May has failed to secure the necessary amount of seats for a parliamentary majority, and now faces the prospect of forming a coalition government if she is to remain in power.

She is expected to head to Buckingham Palace this lunchtime to seek permission to do so from The Queen.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn has praised Labour supporters for backing the party and accused Theresa May of ‘underestimating voters’.

In an impassioned message, posted on Twitter, he wrote: “Theresa May called this election in her party’s interest, not in the interest of our country”.

“She thought that with the backing of the billionaires and the corporate elite, she could take your vote for granted. But she underestimated the Labour Party and more importantly she underestimated you.”

He has also led calls for Theresa May to resign.