Pink Floyd’s ‘eyeballs’ go for £16,500

Stage props raises money for Crisis

Pink Floyd
Two of Pink Floyd’s giant eyeball props have raised £16,500 for homeless charity Crisis.

The 6ft tall stage props were made to promote their DVD ’Pulse’ and were on auction site [url=http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PINK-FLOYD-EYEBALLS-SIGNED-BY-MEMBERS_W0QQitemZ180064069417QQihZ008QQcmdZViewItem ]eBay[/url] for a week, attracting 46 bids.

Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour, who is also the vice-president of Crisis, said extra help was needed in the winter months.

As previously reported, the guitarist said: “The eBay auction will not only raise much needed funds for the charity, but will also raise awareness of the plight of the homeless at a time of year when they are most vulnerable.”

A spokesperson for the charity said they were thrilled by the gift and very pleased so much money had been raised to help their work, reports the BBC.

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