Plan B: 'Nate Dogg got me into hip-hop'

Vocalist joins Eminem and Snoop Dogg in paying tribute to singer and rapper

Dan Dennison/NME
Pic: Dan Dennison/NME
Plan B has paid tribute to Nate Dogg, who died on Tuesday (March 15).

Speaking to NME, he described how Nate Dogg's turn on the 1994 song 'Regulate' was his introduction to hip-hop.

"The song 'Regulate' with Warren G got me into hip-hop, more so because of his singing than the rap," he said.

He added that Nate Dogg had "a unique voice and was the only male singer that could hold his own amongst all those gangster rappers. What other singer could do that? What other singer was more present? He put the funk into G-funk."

Plan B joins musicians including Eminem and Snoop Dogg in paying tribute to Nate Dogg.

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