Entire R Kelly album leaks online

'12 Play: Fourth Quarter' is in the public domain

R Kelly�s new album �12 Play: Fourth Quarter� was leaked online last night (July 28).

All 13 tracks from the album, which has yet to get a release date, appeared on the Internet last night says nymag.com, and features tracks entitled 'Wanna Make A Baby', 'Hair Braider' and 'Relief'.

The R&B superstar whose real name is Robert Kelly, was acquitted in June after standing trial for child pornography.

The leaked songs are:

‘Wanna Make a Baby’
‘Hair Braider’
‘At the Same Time’
‘Whole Lotta Kisses’
‘Might Be Mine’
‘Son of a Bitch’
‘Go Low’
‘Freaky Sensation’
‘Two Seater’
‘Playas Get Lonely’

--By our New York staff.
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