Radio 4 host tells Boris Johnson to “stop talking”

The Foreign Secretary was admonished on the air during an interview on the station's 'Today' programme

Radio 4 host Mishal Husain became so exasperated with Boris Johnson‘s answers during an interview earlier today (June 6) that she asked him to “stop talking.”

The Foreign Secretary was on the station’s Today programme this morning for an interview with Husain, with the two discussing the rising terror threat in the UK ahead of Thursday’s general election (June 8).

In a combative interview, Johnson repeatedly interrupted and spoke over Husain, while also refusing to directly answer her questions. At one point, Husain asked Johnson about his stance on the current war of words between US President Donald Trump and London Mayor Sadiq Khan, which Johnson instead turned into a criticism of Labour politician Diane Abbott.

“I have to say, it really is bizarre that we should be on Thursday confronted with Prime Minister Corbyn, Home Secretary Diane Abbott,” Johnson said, to which Husain responded: “No, no. Please stop talking.”

Johnson replied: “Please stop talking? You invited me on your show to talk,” before Husain retorted: “It is the third time you’ve mentioned Diane Abbott. You’re the Foreign Secretary, you’ve got a big job in government.”

Johnson responded by laughing and muttering “stop talking.” You can listen to a clip of the interview here.

Reaction on social media was mostly critical of Johnson, with some calling the exchange “excruciating.”

Meanwhile, a campaign video from a Conservative candidate in Yorkshire went viral earlier today – with many comparing it to a sketch from Alan Partridge.