Radiohead release 'In Rainbows' extras online for first time

Band launch their own download store

Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien has revealed that the band have started working on their new album, the follow up to 2007's 'In Rainbows'. Speaking after the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) meeting in London this week (March 11), O'Brien said that the Oxford band have now completed the majority of 'In Rainbows' touring - leaving them able to start work on new material. Pic: PA Photos
Radiohead have made the second disc from the deluxe edition of 'In Rainbows' available online for the first time.

The contents of the extra CD, which was previously only available with the 'discbox' edition of the album, is being sold via Radiohead.com's w.a.s.t.e shop.

Also available to buy as a download is the full album itself, plus the following solo works:

Thom Yorke – 'The Eraser'
Jonny Greenwood – 'There Will Be Blood' (Official Soundtrack)

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