The Radiohead frontman is delighted that forthcoming album 'Amnesiac' has remained under wraps since its completion...

THOM YORKE has said he liked the fact new album 'AMNESIAC' remained the band's "secret" following its completion, claiming "I was so happy to have something we had done that nobody else had heard".

Speaking on the Radiohead message forum, www.spinwithagrin.co.uk, Yorke said when on tour to promote last album 'Kid A' he listened to 'Amnesiac' continually, happy in the knowledge that only a few people had heard the record. He said: "I used to listen to it on my laptop on tour supposedly trying to find a running order, but really because I was so happy to have something we had done that nobody else had heard and was our secret."

Elsewhere, Yorke maintains that although 'Amnesiac' and 'Kid A' were recorded at the same time, they "come from a different place". He said: "I read that the Gnostics believe when we are born we are forced to forget where we have come from in order to deal with the trauma of arriving in this life. I thought this was really fascinating. It's like the river of forgetfulness. It may have been recorded at same time as `Kid A' but it comes from a different place I think."

'Amnesiac' is released in the UK on June 4 via Parlophone.

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