Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello to score 'Iron Man 2' film

Guitarist takes to Twitter to announce involvement in the project

In the early days of Rage Against The Machine, guitarist Tom Morello attempted to fight the power by concealing his baldness beneath a variety of baseball caps. Thankfully, these days he lets his gleaming pate breathe freely. Pic: PA Photos
Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has suggested that he is to work on the score for Iron Man 2.

Morello revealed the news on his Twitter page, Twitter.com/tmorello, outlining that he was involved in the project but not revealing specifics yet.

"Is that really me in Iron Man? Of course," he wrote. "Iron Man kicks my ass. I'm working on score for Iron Man 2. Rockin'. Movie is awesome."

The guitarist appeared in the first Iron Man film as a terrorist character and also helped score it.

AC/DC are also set to release a 15-track compilation album to tie in with Iron Man 2's release. The film is out on April 30 in the UK.

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