Ryan Adams has fan in Stephen King

Horror writer praises the singer songwriter

Ryan Adams NME Awards Shows Victoria Apollo, London
Ryan Adams has an unlikely fan in horror author Stephen King.

In a statement written by King about Adams' new album ’Easy Tiger’, the horror author praised the singer-songwriter.

He wrote: “I won’t say Adams is the best North American singer songwriter since Neil Young…but I won’t say he isn’t either. What I know is there has never been a Ryan Adams record quite as strong and together as ’Easy Tiger’.”

King went on to say: “(Adams) mentioned how prolific he was, aware that I might be touching a sore point. After all, there are plenty of critics who seem to think that's a bad thing. Adams, however, just laughs."

"Yeah, yeah, in America people give you shit for working hard," he added. "But...it's process, that's all. I process things. I went into the dream business. If people need 'em, I've got extra."

Adams' publicist told Pitchfork that the two are fans of each other’s work.

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