[b]Lou Barlow's[/b] first outfit without deal as [a]Folk Implosion[/a] go from strength to strength...

Sebadoh have parted company with their American label Sub Pop, leaving vocalist Lou Barlow in a bizarre situation whereby his side project THE FOLK IMPLOSION are now more successful than his original band.

Sebadoh, who have released five studio albums through Sub Pop since 1992 in the States, came to the end of their contract following the release in October of their latest album 'The Sebadoh', it has just come to light. The album has reportedly sold poorly, with one US website claiming it has shifted only 25,000 copies since its release. In comparison, its predecessor 'Harmacy' sold in the region of 100,000.

A spokesperson for Lou Barlow told nme.com that Sebadoh were only signed to the Sub Pop until the promotional duties for 'The Sebadoh' were complete, and following that they were simply out of contract. She added that the band are currently in negotiation with new labels in the US as well as renegotiating with their UK label, Domino Records.

Sebadoh play a showcase gig this weekend at the American music industry convention South By Southwest, followed by a date on March 24 in LA, in the hope of securing a new deal.

This uncertainty for Sebadoh is in direct contrast with Barlow's other project The Folk Implosion. Formed in 1993 with songwriter John Davis, the band have attracted critical acclaim around the world. The Folk Implosion recently signed with Interscope in the US, and their profile was significantly boosted when single 'Free To Go' appeared on the soundtrack to the film 'American Beauty'.

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