Simon Pegg: ‘I hate running zombies!’

Actor tells NME the undead are too fast in modern zombie films

Simon Pegg has said he is disappointed with the recent crop of zombie films – because the creatures move too fast.

The actor, who has just released his memoir Nerd Do Well, told NME that he’s been disappointed with a lot of recent zombie movies, because the undead are not moving right.

“In a lot of the most recent zombie films they’ve all been running around. I’ve got a long history with fast zombies – I hate them,” he declared. “I’d like to see more slow zombies. I went to see Resident Evil 4: Afterlife and they’re fast.”

He added: “Zombies running is as bad as Daleks going upstairs. It’s something very particular about zombies and not many people have got it right. Only really George Romero and, I like to think, us [in Shaun Of The Dead].”

Pegg explained that his complaint is based on what he believes it would be like to be one of the undead.

“The thing is, when you’re a zombie you’re dead. It’s not like you’ve drunk a fucking can of Red Bull. You’re dead, it hurts!” he joked. “You’re slowly rotting away but you’re still moving so it’s going to be slightly debilitating, it’s going to be worse than two pulled hamstrings. I like it as well because it makes you feel sorry for them. They don’t have any moral agenda. They just do what they do and you can kind of feel sorry for them. That’s why I find them so interesting.”

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