Sufjan Stevens to release new studio album in October

'The Age Of Adz' is out on October 11

Sufjan Stevens is set to release a new album, 'The Age Of Adz', on October 11.

The album will be his first new full-length studio album since 2005's critically acclaimed 'Illinois'.

According to a spokesperson, the themes Stevens is tackling on the album include "love, sex, death, disease, anxiety and suicide". Drum machines and analogue synthesizers feature prominently, in a similar vein to 2001's 'Enjoy Your Rabbit', rather than the singer-songwriter's usual guitar and banjo.

The announcement comes shortly after Stevens released a new EP, 'All Delighted People', online.

The tracklisting of 'The Age Of Adz' is:

'Futile Devices'
'Too Much'
'Age Of Adz'
'I Walked'
'Now That I'm Older'
'Get Real Get Right'
'Bad Communication'
'All For Myself'
'I Want To Be Well'
'Impossible Soul'

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