Tabloid Hell: Beatles are poo - it's official

All You Need Is Stay Dry Nappies

The Beatles
The Beatles have been subjected to many indignities over the years.

Whether it was Paul McCartney’s ’We All Stand Together’ (aka 'The Frog Chorus'), ’Free As A Bird’ or Ringo's acting, they’ve weathered a lot.

However, this could be the lowest point in their posthumous career.

’All You Need Is Love’ is soundtracking a nappy advert in the US.

During the LUV nappies advert a baby jumps on a teddy wearing one of the nappies while a cover band sings the ubiquitous hit, reports The Star.

Type-happy Beatles fans have been complaining, with one poster saying: “This the toilet. Why are they allowed to use an anti-Vietnam war anthems to promote a pants product?”

Indeed. We can't wait to tell them that 'Help!' is being used to advertise nasal hair trimmers.

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