Tabloid Hell: Amy Winehouse trying to get pregnant

…And Girls Aloud have offered their support

Amy Winehouse Shockwaves NME Awards Tour 2007
So, what do the red-tops do when there isn’t actually any new Amy Winehouse news? Yes, you get “a pal” of hers to give you some juicy gossip.

Impressive stuff, considering Amy isn’t actually on holiday with any pals at all – just hubby Blake. Still, that hasn’t stopped her “friend” revealing that Amy and Blake have been rutting like rabbits in an attempt to get her pregnant.

“She really believes having a baby would help them put their troubles behind them,” the “buddy” explained.

Meanwhile, the rag quoted Girls Aloud’s GMTV interview yesterday, in which footballer’s wife Cheryl Cole offered her heartfelt support to Amy, saying, “It’s an amazing album from a very talented singer.”

That should bring a smile to Amy’s face, unless she’s too busy making sex gurns.

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