Beatles song to feature in advert

The Hours cover Fab Four track for beer ad

The Beatles, ‘Yesterday and Today’ (1966) Famously referred to as ‘The Butcher Cover’, Yesterday and Today, was only released in the US and Canada. The album cover featured the band smiling amidst the carnage of decapitated baby dolls and pieces of meat. After its release, record label Capitol, tried to recall the thousands of already shipped CDs. Pic: PA Photos
A cover of The Beatles' 'All Together Now' is set to feature in a television advert.

The song, covered by The Hours, will appear in a new campaign by Budweiser, and what shot over five days on a metro train in Chicago, reports The Guardian.

Although the advert features a marching band, the song was actually recorded in a hotel room, and used items like a fire extinguisher for percussion.

The advert will be shown from July 4 in the UK.

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