Actors lined up for 3D remake of The Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine'

Peter Serafinowicz, Dean Lennox Kelly, Adam Campbell and Cary Elwes set to star

A series of Norwegian podcasts which had been set to feature all 212 recorded songs by The Beatles have been taken offline due to legal issues. Norwegian website Nrk.no had been posting a series of podcasts originally broadcast in 2001 which featured The Beatles' songs, plus commentary about them. Pic: PA Photos
The potential cast for a the 3D remake of The Beatles' Yellow Submarine has been announced.

The film, a remake of the 1968 cartoon, is being directed by Oscar-winner Robert Zemeckis, who has lined up four British actors to play the Fab Four, reports Billboard.

Shaun Of The Dead star Peter Serafinowicz is set to play Paul McCartney, Shameless and Robin Hood actor Dean Lennox Kelly will play John Lennon, while Adam Campbell and Cary Elwes will take on Ringo Starr and George Harrison respectively.

Meanwhile, a stage adaption of Backbeat, the 1994 film about The Beatles' early days in Hamburg, is set to open in Glasgow next month.

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