Ringo Starr on The Beatles: 'We were four brothers'

The Fab Four's drummer has reflected on the group ahead of being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Ringo Starr has reflected on his time in The Beatles.

The drummer, who will be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame by his former bandmate Paul McCartney on May 30, has spoken out about the relationship he had with the rest of the band.

Speaking to PA, Starr said: "I could keep the peace - if ever there was an explosion within The Beatles, usually we got back together in my house and that is how it was. We all had personality. We were four brothers. We all loved each other deeply but you get up one morning, you are in a bad mood and it just gets too big and things happen."

He continued: "I was in a band suddenly with three brothers. Yeah, I do miss the others - you can't not miss your brothers."

Of the group's music, he said: "We proved everybody wrong that music is more important than a name. We made some great music and I am really proud of it to this day."

Starr's latest solo album, 'Postcards From Paradise' was released on Monday (March 30). It is his
18th studio solo record and his first since 2012's 'Ringo 2012'.
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