The Maccabees reveal 'Something Like Happiness' video – watch

Band release their fourth album 'Marks To Prove It' in July

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The Maccabees have revealed the video for new single 'Something Like Happiness'.

The video features scenes of the band performing the song cut with fantastical imagery shot in and around the Elephant & Castle area of London where The Maccabees recorded their new album.

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Speaking about the video, director Joe Connor said: "Throughout this whole collaboration, The Maccabees main point was to make the mundane seem amazing, the grotesque beautiful and the forgotten prominent. It's a theme that permeates their whole album and in this video I was desperate to focus on the beauty that can be found in a much derided area. Everything you see in these images is really there, nothing is added, it all exists, we just had to look at it differently."

'Something Like Happiness' comes from the band's fourth album. Titled 'Marks To Prove It', the band's new record will be released on July 31, following on from 2012's 'Given To The Wild'. Having already unveiled the album's title-track, 'Something Like Happiness' will be released the same day as the LP.

Singer Orlando Weeks says of the track: "It's about being really happy for someone if they've got something. You can feel like you have to rally against things, but people know their minds and if it brings someone contentment, then good for them."

The Maccabees recently discussed the process of recording their new album, describing the writing and recording sessions as "painful", "tricky" and "traumatic".

"I think if we'd just met each other and decided to do a record and it was this record, or it at least took the same amount of time [as this record], then we would have given in and said it wasn’t working," said guitarist Hugo White.

Fellow guitar player, Felix White added: "Every single week we felt like the album might not happen. In that first year [of recording] we did think, 'Well, maybe this isn’t working'. I can’t speak for everyone, but I didn’t feel like I was living a particularly anchored existence for a couple of years."

The 'Marks To Prove It' tracklist is as follows:

'Marks To Prove It'
'Ribbon Road'
'Spit It Out'
'River Song'
'Slow Sun'
'Something Like Happiness'
'WW1 Portraits'
'Pioneering Systems'
'Dawn Chorus'
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