The Rolling Stones face insurance battle over gigs cancelled in wake of L'Wren Scott's death

Mick Jagger's partner committed suicide earlier this year leading to the postponement of an Australian tour

The Rolling Stones look set to face an insurance battle when it comes to claiming money due to gigs cancelled in the wake of L'Wren Scott's death.

Mick Jagger's partner committed suicide in March of this year, causing the band to postpone a number of their shows in Australia. BBC News reports that the band are attempting to claim $12.7 million (£7.9 million), as they had an insurance policy which would be paid out if shows were cancelled due to the death of any family members, Scott included.

However the insurance company are disputing the claim, saying that Scott may have been suffering from a pre-existing mental condition. As such, the policy would be invalid. They are now looking into the state of Scott's mental health, with a judge granting underwriters permission to gather information from Randall Bambrough, Scott's brother. However, according to AP, Bambrough has said that he is unaware of the court case and has not yet been asked to provide any information.

The Rolling Stones postponed their tour of Australia and New Zealand following Scott's death. The band are currently playing the rescheduled dates, but had to cancel a gig in Hanging Rock, Victoria over the weekend, as Mick Jagger was suffering from a sore throat.
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