Jack White brands journalists lazy

White Stripes man has a go at hacks

The White Stripes : Jack White
The White Stripes frontman Jack White has brandished journalists lazy.

The frontman said that hacks did not check their facts when writing about his band.

White said: “Journalists are inherently the laziest people on earth. Even in the age of Google, they don’t do any work to check what they’re writing about.”

Speaking about the mistruths that have followed the band, White said: “I’d say 90 per cent of what they get is from the press release. We have fun putting things in there - like in the press release for ’Elephant’, somebody inserted a joke about how none of our studio equipment was made after 1963.

“Before you knew it, people thought we wouldn’t touch a piece of equipment unless it's 60 years old or something! It gets to the point where you're answering questions based on a joke somebody made.”

White told ’Interview’ magazine that it had affected anything he reads.

Hea admitted: “Anytime I pick up a music magazine, I assume 90 per cent of it is incorrect, so I make up my own things to believe.

“Everyone knows the phrase ‘Don’t believe everything you read,’ but how many people actually practice it?”

The White Stripes are set to release new single 'You Don't Know What Love Is' in September.

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