Shepherd's Bush named centre of rock 'n' roll in the UK

London district beats the likes of Liverpool and Manchester to title

A study claims to have found that the Shepherd's Bush in west London is the UK's rock 'n' roll capital.

Members of The Clash, The Who and the Sex Pistols all hail from Shepherd's Bush, and a survey carried out by Guitarrockstar.co.uk suggests that this makes the town - which has an average population of roughly 11,000 - the top rock 'n' roll area in the UK, producing one rock star to every 1,222 of the population.

The following rockers were all born in Shepherd's Bush:

Pete Townshend - The Who
Roger Daltrey – The Who
John Entwhistle – The Who
Glen Matlock - The Sex Pistols
Paul Cook - The Sex Pistols
Steve Jones - The Sex Pistols
Mick Jones - The Clash
Paul Simonon - The Clash
John Weider - The Animals

Shepherd's Bush has also become a second home to a number of other well-known musicians.

Bush take their name from the area, and Pete Doherty lived there when he first moved to London. Doherty has even been known to pay homage to his former home by replacing the original lyrics on 'Time For Heroes' with "A head rush in Shepherd's Bush".

However, despite producing the highest number of rock stars overall (89), London as a whole does not top the list for the UK's capital city of rock 'n' roll.

In fact, the study found that Coventry, Newcastle and Cardiff all fared better than the capital when rock star birthplaces were calculated by proportion to population.

Manchester - home to the likes of Oasis' Gallagher brothers, The Smiths' Morrissey and Johnny Marr plus Happy Mondays' Sean Ryder - topped that list, having produced one rocker to every 17,850 of the population.

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