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The local indie mafia turn out to say happy birthday to The Cathouse...

THERAPY? paid tribute to MOGWAI as they kicked off the tenth birthday celebrations - and marked their own decade in rock - at GLASGOW CATHOUSE last
night (October 7).

The gig - which was attended by Mogwai, Sona Fariq and several other rising rock and indie stars - lasted almost two hours and the often hilarious set saw frontman Andy Cairns dedicate 'Screamager' to Cathouse promoter Donald MacLeod, 'Dai (sic) Laughing' to "the Welsh" and 'The Trigger Inside' to his son Jonah, saying: "My son loves Winnie The Pooh but when I read him bedtime stories he always says, 'Dad, why can't you talk about Pooh's friends.
Well now I can. This is 'The Tigger Inside'."

In front of a sold-out and extremely riotous
audience, who managed a stage invasion after just two songs, the band ditched their shirts and wound it up with an extended encore which included brief bursts of The Ramones
Elsewhere in the set, Cairns dedicated a song to Mogwai, claiming to have ripped off their bass line and melody.

Other bands who turned out to support Therapy? included Fifth Amendment, who play the venue tonight with Sona Fariq, Sunna, Rico, Peeps Into Fairyland and members of local acts Akira and Fretlin.

The official 10th birthday party for the venue on Friday (November 10) is expected to attract some of the bigger stars who have played the venue, with Reef and Terrorvision on the guest list.

The event will also be open to the public, with a gig by
AB/CD the AC/DC tribute band, and
competition prizes including 10 VIP passes to 10 CPL shows of the winner's choice, and 10 crates of beer to give away.

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