Amber Rose blasts Piers Morgan for ‘misogynistic’ comment about ‘nude’ photo

Amber Rose and Piers Morgan have come to blows online in a row over a full frontal nude photo posted by the model.

The model, actress, musician and ex-girlfriend of Kanye West posted a since-removed photo to Instagram of her in a bikini and fur coat on a staircase with her pubic hair on display, with a caption calling to ‘bring back the bush’.

See a censored version of the image below:

Divisive TV presenter Morgan then told her to ‘put it away’, before Rudd responded by calling him a ‘misogynistic asshole’.

Morgan then replied: “It’s not ‘misogyny’ to think that posting nude photos in the supposed name of feminist empowerment is pathetic attention-seeking bulls**t.”

Things escalated when Morgan shared a photo of himself nude by fireplace to mock the idea of ’empowerment’, before Rudd hit back with “I’m sorry, I forgot only men can be sexually confident.”

See the row unfold below.

Morgan had previously inspired outrage after carrying out an interview the morning after the Manchester terror attacks which many viewers described as ‘sickening‘, before courting more controversy when he attacked Ariana Grande herself.

He would later apologise, saying that he ‘misjudged her’ and hailing her as ‘an admirable young woman’.

The former News Of The World editor also blasted Emma Watson for winning the first gender neutral MTV Award, upset viewers by asking a trans couple if he could ‘identify as a black woman‘, and came under fire from Paul Weller who branded him ‘a c**t‘.