‘Bodger And Badger’ star Andy Cunningham dies

'Rest in mash potato'

Andy Cunningham, star of the beloved ’90s kids’ show ‘Bodger And Badger’, has died.

Cunningham, who was also a magician and puppeteer as well as playing Simon Bodger and voicing his mashed potato-loving companion in the series, was confirmed to have passed away by friends on Facebook. He also starred in ‘Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi’ with multiple roles, including Ephant Mon.

“So sad to hear Andy Cunningham has died,” wrote comedian Chairman Hughes on Facebook.  I first met him doing his magic show when I was being a terrible clown at the same event and we were near neighbours in Islington. He was so sweet and kind and full of advice. I had quite a pash on him but my dog Arthur weed on him when he came to dinner, so put paid to that.

“I last saw him at the Brighton fringe about three years ago and he was very mischievous in my audience. Actually, he was my audience. RIP sweet man.”

Fellow ‘Bodger And Badger’ star Andre Vincent said: “He let me be his baddy in his TV show and I played Sidney Fudgepocket…I loved him and his crazy creations. Big love brother and I will truly miss you. X”

Spector frontman Fred Macpherson meanwhile added:

‘Bodger And Badger’ ran for nine series between 1989 and 1999. Not only did he star in the show and voice Badger, but he also created the concept, wrote the script and designed the puppets.