Charlie Brooker reveals why ‘Weekly Wipe’ isn’t airing at the moment

His satirical look at 2016 won a BAFTA for Comedy & Comedy Entertainment Programme last night (May 14)

Charlie Brooker has revealed why his programme Weekly Wipe hasn’t aired this year, saying that there just isn’t enough time for him and his team to make it.

The Black Mirror co-creator’s satirical look at news and current events has run for three seasons since it debuted in 2013, and his yearly round-up won the BAFTA for best Comedy and Comedy Entertainment Programme yesterday (May 14) for its 2016 edition.

Speaking to Digital Spy at yesterday’s awards ceremony in London, Brooker explained that his production team simply didn’t have the time to meet the demands of making the weekly programme.

“It’s time [that] is the thing,” he said. “They’re very very labour intensive basically. [Making Wipe 2016] ruins my Christmas actually. I’m the real victim here!”

He also added that there’s equally very little time to make a Wipe about the upcoming snap election, saying: “It’s sprung so quickly, we just didn’t have a chance! That’s the problem with a snap election, you need a bit of a run-up. Last year they asked us if we wanted to do a EU Referendum Wipe and I went ‘well, that’ll be boring. Who cares about that?’ Which goes to show how much I know!”

Last month, Brooker revealed new details about season four of Black Mirror, hinting that if real-life events continue to mirror the show then “the world is really fucked.”