Debbie McGee denies those rumours about her getting over-friendly with an Alsatian

The urban legend has been doing the rounds for years.

Debbie McGee has addressed long-standing rumours about her getting over-friendly with a dog.

There’s an urban legend that’s been going around for decades that there’s a Polaroid picture of Debbie engaging in a lewd act with an Alsatian, something she vehemently denies.

The late magician Paul Daniels’ wife spoke about the “silly” rumours to The Sun, saying: “The Alsatian pictures are absolute rubbish. They’re just silly rumours, completely false.”

Paul Daniels had previously denied the rumours in his book ‘Under No Illusion’, which came out in 2000. He admitted that there were photos – but that they were fake and mocked-up by his friend, Ken.

“Ken had ‘dirty pictures’ of Debbie. These weren’t just dirty, these were disgusting,” the magician wrote.

“My face must have been a picture and then I looked up to see him in convulsions. I don’t know who had done the job and, now that I am into computers, I know you can do magical things with images, but on these you really couldn’t see the join.

“Having doctored the images using photos from God knows where, they had then taken the trouble to transfer them to Polaroids. I could’ve killed him.”

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McGee is currently taking part in the BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ with dance partner Giovanni Pernice – a show her late husband competed on in 2010.

She told the newspaper that being in the studio is “really emotional”.

“Sometimes just being in the studio can trigger it. Last week I really missed him and got really emotional.

“I was having such a good time and it was the feeling of him not being there any more. I don’t believe in ghosts but I feel the presence that he’s had in my life is always there.”

Paul Daniels was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour back in February 2016.

He sadly died shortly after on March 17.