This Game of Thrones special effects video is hinting at what’s in store for season 7

There's a fire-fuelled battle on the horizon...

A new video has taken Game of Thrones fans behind the scenes of the HBO fantasy show to reveal how some of the standout visual effects are created.

In the video, special effects supervisor Sam Conway explores some of the show’s most visually arresting moments – and offers a sneak peek at season 7 as Daenyrys rides one of her dragons.

Another moment shows a fire-fuelled battle at sea, with flames appearing to engulf a ship.

Describing his work behind the scenes, Conway says: “We handle engineering, blood, snot, everything.

“Everything you can possibly imagine is our trade.”

But while Conway didn’t give away too much of what to expect from the show’s fifth season, cinematographer Robert McLachlan hinted that the upcoming episodes would be the most ‘spectacular’ yet.

He said: “Season 7 is going to be fantastic. Before, we’d have one or two showstopping, major episodes per season. This season, probably half of them are whoppers. They’re not going to disappoint.”

Game of Thrones returns next month

Recently, actress Nell Tiger Free revealed how her character, Myrcella Baratheon, was originally supposed to face a grisly end in season 5, as opposed to the understated death scene that eventually aired.

She said that her brains were originally supposed to ‘go all over the ship’, with the violent death mirroring that of brother Joffrey.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones airs on HBO from Sunday July 16 in the U.S. and Monday, July 17, on Sky Atlantic in the U.K.