‘Good Morning Britain’ criticised for showing footage of people trapped in Grenfell Tower London fire

'Show some compassion for the families'

Viewers of ‘Good Morning Britain’ have hit out at the show, after showing footage of helpless residents trapped in the blaze of Grenfell Tower in London.

The fire broke out at the 24-storey tower block in north Kensington in the early hours of this morning. The tower is home to around 140 flats. Firefighters continue to tackle the flames, while emergency services attempt to rescue the many residents still trapped in the building amid fears of it collapsing.

As part of their reportage, ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ showed footage of those still trapped in the building – focussing on an elderly man praying at his window while awaiting rescue. Viewers then took to Twitter to voice their disgust at the scenes, accusing the show of ‘gross voyeurism’.

While evacuation of the area continues, Police have set up an emergency hotline for anyone worried about those trapped in the fire, which you can call on 0800 0961 233. Read the latest statement from the London Metropolitan Police regarding the ongoing emergency situation at Grenfell Tower below.

You can also help  by donating emergency supplies, clothes, toys, toiletries and more for those evacuated at Clements Church, 95 Sirdar Rd, W11 4EQ. Other drop-off points for help and donations are available below: