HBO and BBC working on ‘Wikileaks’ story for TV

Stations ready to tell the story behind Julian Assange's operation

TV channel HBO, in a co-production with The BBC, are set to make a TV movie about the goings on at the Wikileaks organisation.

While the idea to make a movie about Julian Assange‘s tell-all endeavours has been on the radars of several different companies for some time, HBO and the BBC are the first to get moving with the project.

The US and British TV channels have put together a team featuring producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall plus director Charles Ferguson. Also, as reported by, writer Rowan Joffe has been brought on for the project, which will be an adaptation of Raffi Khatchadourian’s book No Secrets: Julian Assange’s Mission for Total Transparency.

Kennedy and Marshall are most famous for their collaborations with Steven Spielberg on titles that range from Jurassic Park and Back To The Future to Schindler’s List. Charles Ferguson recently won an Oscar for the documentary Inside Job.

Rowan Joffe‘s most recent work was directing the remake of Brighton Rock (pictured right). He also wrote the screenplay for horror sequel 28 Weeks Later, and the George Clooney film The American.

Assange is currently remanded on bail within the UK awaiting a High Court hearing on July 12. He is accused of sexual assault.