HBO reveals the run time of ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 episodes

More info on the return of 'Game Of Thrones' is cropping up

HBO have revealed the run-time of Game Of Thrones Season 7’s second episode.

The next series of the hit show will see episode two hitting 59 minutes, matching that of the season’s first episode. As the Game Of Thrones mega-fans over at Winter Is Coming have deduced, that makes it the longest second episode of any Game Of Thrones season. For reference, here’s the full list of episode 2 durations across Game Of Thrones’ seven seasons:

  • Season 1 (“The Kingsroad”): 56 minutes
  • Season 2 (“The Night Lands”): 54 minutes
  • Season 3 (“Dark Wings, Dark Words”): 57 minutes
  • Season 4 (“The Lion and the Rose”): 53 minutes
  • Season 5 (“The House of Black and White”): 56 minutes
  • Season 6 (“Home”): 54 minutes
  • Season 7 (Untitled): 59 minutes

In addition, Entertainment Weekly‘s Game Of Thrones correspondent James Hibberd has revealed that the finale to season 7 will be “well over an hour” in length. However, the remainder of the episodes – contrary to speculation – will not be significantly longer than usual.

Last month it was revealed that Game Of Thrones Season 7 will be the series’ shortest yet, at just six episodes long. It’s set to have a “faster pace” than in previous seasons. The first trailer for Season 7 was launched at the end of May.

Game Of Thrones returns on July 17.