Ricky Gervais reveals more about David Brent movie

'Life on the Road' will be "tragic" promises 'The Office' star

Following the announcement that Ricky Gervais will make a David Brent movie with BBC Films, the creator of The Office has revealed more about the story for big screen spin-off Life on the Road.

Speaking about the trials and tribulations of his alter ego Brent, the Emmy-nominated star of Derek and Extras said he likes “the beauty and the tragedy of life and the sweetness of people trying”.

Talking to The Wrap, Gervais revealed: “I won’t revisit The Office because that wouldn’t make sense… and for all those people to still be there – that would be ridiculous. Imagine going back to an office you worked in 20 years ago and they’re still there, they’re just a little bit older?”

Continued Gervais: “Imagine if that was a real documentary – The Office – and David Brent was the person he was… He’d still be trying to be famous. You wouldn’t go back and find him in the office – you would go back and find him repping like he is now, still trying to be a pop star and trying to get Simon Cowell‘s eye and trying to have his own YouTube channel.”

Gervais joked that A&R men would say to Brent, “You look like Piers Morgan, you’re a 50-year-old man in a suit, why are we going to sign this?”

Promising it would be “absolutely fucking tragic” Brent’s return in mockumentary Life on the Road will see the former paper merchant from Slough believing the doc will be remembered like “Scorcese shooting The Rolling Stones” for Shine a Light.

The film is set to shoot next year with no release date yet announced. To get you in the mood watch one of Gervais’ spoof guitar tutorials with David Brent strumming Spaceman Came Down: