Sainsbury’s reveal James Corden-soundtracked Christmas advert

The 'Late Late Show' host is the voice of the annual seasonal commercial

James Corden has been revealed as the voice behind the new Sainsbury’s Christmas advert.

The Late Late Show host has been recruited by the supermarket chain to soundtrack their seasonal commercial, which this year focuses on Dave, an overworked father-of-two, as he tries to meet the challenge of finding time amid his busy schedule to provide a wholesome Christmas for his family.

Entitled ‘The Greatest Gift’, Corden can be heard singing the song that narrates the stop-motion musical advert. The song itself, ‘The Greatest Gift Is Me’, has been composed by Flight of the Conchords star and co-creator Bret McKenzie.

Watch the advert, and a short making-of feature, below.


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Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas advert 2016 – Behind The Scenes

Our new Christmas advert tells the charming tale of a hard-working and devoted dad who comes up with an ingenious plan to make sure he can be with his family for Christmas.

The advert has been made in partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital to help families be together at Christmas. With over 50% of the patients at the hospital having come from outside of London, Sainsbury’s are helping to raise funds to pay for accommodation for parents while their children are being treated.

The arrival of ‘The Greatest Gift’ comes hot on the heels of the reveal of this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert. NME spoke to the band behind the soundtrack to that advert, Vaults, about their involvement in the department store’s much-hyped commercial campaign.