‘The Wire’ star Reg E Cathey narrowly avoids being crushed by lighting rig

Actor has lucky escape at Paul Heaton gig

The Wire star Reg E Cathey, who plays Norman Wilson in the US TV series, had a lucky escape at the Manchester International Festival last night (July 7) when a lighting rig collapsed during Paul Heaton‘s performance.

The actor was preparing for his role as the ‘narrator’ of Heaton‘s new song, ‘The 8th’ at the Pavilion Theatre, when the structure came down forcing Cathey to dive out of the way.

He escaped with just a minor knee injury and the show was delayed by 50 minutes.

“He soldiered on – he had an ice pack on his knee and he has been amazing,” MIF spokesman Najda Coyne told Manchester Evening News.

Cathey appeared in the fourth and fifth season of The Wire. He played a professional political operative who worked closely with ambitious politician Tommy Carcetti, played by Aidan Gillen.

Damon Albarn‘s new opera Dr Dee, is also currently running at the Manchester International Festival.

The Blur frontman sings 10 songs in the opera from a third-level stage platform, offering a commentary on events unfolding below.