US remake of ‘Gavin & Stacey’ debuts trailer – watch

It's been renamed 'Us & Them' and the Smithy character is now called Archie

A trailer for the US remake of Gavin & Stacey has been released. Scroll down and click ‘play’ to watch it.

The stateside remake of the hit BBC sitcom is titled Us & Them. It relocates the action from Billericay and Barry Island to New York and smalltown Pennsylvania.

Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) and Jason Ritter (Parenthood) star in the roles made famous by Joanna Page and Mat Horne. Most of the character names are the same, though Uncle Bryn becomes Uncle Brian and Smithy is now called Archie.

The trailer shows that the US pilot episode follows the same plot as the British original, though in places the script has been revised. For example, at one point the American Nessa uses the expression “cobra basket”, which sadly didn’t feature in the British show.

Gavin & Stacey‘s creators James Corden and Ruth Jones serve as executive producers on the remake – as does Steve Coogan, whose production company Baby Cow made the original BBC series. Us & Them is due to premiere on US network Fox early next year (2014).