Watch Frankie Boyle deliver a scathing takedown of Theresa May

"She's locked into an existential rictus of terror".

Frankie Boyle has delivered a scathing take on Theresa May’s leadership – comparing her to a climber desperately attempting to hold on to the side of a mountain.

During the fiery monologue, taken from his BBC 2 show Frankie Boyle’s New World Order, he told the story of Alex Honnold, who recently managed to climb El Capitan without a rope – and compared his efforts to May’s premiership.

“Impressed as I am by his almost superhuman tenacity, Honnold’s grip on that sheer Californian granite is nothing, nothing, compared to Theresa May’s determination to cling on to power”, he joked.

“She has almost no footholds left, only a few weirdly shaped crags of the DUP to cling at with her feverish fingertips.”

He added: “She has no choice. Cling on or disappear, exist or die, and that’s why deep down I admire her, in a way I love her. Theresa May’s all of us, clinging on to our hopeless lives, our shitty dreams, she’s locked into an existential rictus of terror, devoid as we know of any other human quality except tenacity.

Signing off in explosive style, he finished: “What a fucking monster”.

Meanwhile, Pamela Anderson proved to be an unlikely critic of Theresa May – slamming her as the ‘worst Prime Minister in living memory’.