Watch man propose to his girlfriend at Russell Brand stand-up show

Comic is this week's NME cover star

Russell Brand has posted footage of a man proposing to his girlfriend at one of the comedian’s recent shows.

The proposal, which this week’s NME cover star posted on his Twitter page with the message: “Man proposed to girlfriend at #ReBirth last night. Drops ring. I keep interrupting. Chaos”, was made at one of his stand-up shows as part of his Re:Birth tour in Oxford last night. You can view footage below.

His tour is set to go on for 18 months wrapping up at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens on November 6, 2018.

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Earlier this month, the comic released a video imploring and showing young people and non-registered citizens how to register for the forthcoming General Election.

He recorded a straight-to-camera video which acted as a tutorial for how to navigate and register through the GOV website. Brand begins the video by stating that 2.4 million people are not registered to vote and that this General Election is “an opportunity to make real change”.

Brand says that the main reason he took part in this video was to encourage students and young people to register to vote for the first time. He also acknowledged his flip-flopping history telling young people not to vote and then back-peddling on his statements.

“Will you vote for the Labour Party?” Brand asks, “Perhaps you’re a student and want to see tuition fees scrapped; one of their pledges. Or perhaps you’re concerned about the environment and want to vote for the Green Party. That sounds like a sensible vote, too”.

He adds: “Maybe you’ll vote Conservative because you like Theresa May’s new hair-do and look forward to Armageddon”.

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The deadline for voter registration is Monday, May 22.

Brand recently discussed his short-lived marriage to Katy Perry saying, “I still feel very warm towards her. I feel like when I hear about her or see her, I think ‘Aw there’s that person’.”