[b]DJ Rolando[/b] tells all about [b]'Knights Of The Jaguar'[/b]...

DJ ROLANDO from Underground Resistance, the man behind the sublime underground anthem and subsequent Ibiza smash 'KNIGHTS OF THE JAGUAR', has finally decided to speak to the music press about his decision to re-release the record as a single in Britain.

The Detroit-based [/b]Underground Resistance[/b] crew are notoriously media-shy, but the controversy surrounding the release has prompted them to explain their position. As has been well documented, Sony Germany attempted to release a trance 'cover' version of the single after UR refused to license the track. However, after a vehement e-mail campaign from fans the world over, Sony backed down, and the phoney track was never released. It is now due for general release in the UK through the independent 430 Records camp that BMG were planning a UK release and we wanted to counter that," explained Rolando. "We decided that we couldn't let them get away with it!"

"It took a month to make," says the man whose tune has dominated dancefloors everywhere since its original release late last year. "People keep telling me that it's the tune of 2000. Well, it's definitely got a long life - it's just one of those records. The strings definitely make it, but at the end of the day, it's just a good piece of music."

Meanwhile, Sony Germany are being dealt with as we speak. "We're not going to let this happen again. We're leaving the legal side to Universal, who are now working on our behalf. We'll see what happens." Although Rolando reckons an album won't be on the cards for a while yet, he has just remixed Kraftwerk's 'EXPO 2000'. The single is due for release through 430 West on September 11th, now simply entitled Jaguar.

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