James Franco to launch musical career with new EP

Actor forms duo with performance artist Kalup Linzy

Photo: PA
Actor James Franco is set to launch a musical career.

The 127 Hours star has formed a duo with New York performance artist Kalup Linzy, and together the pair will release an EP called 'Turn It Up' this July.

One clip from the album, of a track called 'Broken' has already leaked online and features Franco reading lines with Linzy singing over it. The pair met in 2009 and became friends, going on to appear together on US soap General Hospital for a brief period.

Franco told New York Magazine: "Kalup has given me a lot of confidence, showing me how you can boldly and nakedly put yourself into your work. He has no fear when it comes to art or performance, and I admire that."

The musical project is part of a busy year for Franco, who recently starred in Your Highness and can next be seen in Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

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