Carrie Brownstein and Amy Poehler marry same-sex couple at book signing – watch

Brownstein officiated a spontaneous wedding in Pasadena on Tuesday with Poehler playing the organ


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Carrie Brownstein officiated a wedding between two fans at a book signing this week.

Kendall Oshiro, 23, and Genevieve Hernandez, 25, were married by the Sleater-Kinney musician and Portlandia star at an event in Pasadena, California on Tuesday (November 3), where she was promoting her new book Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl: A Memoir.

Oshiro and Hernandez had heard that Brownstein recently became ordained, with Brownstein describing the request as "practice" for another wedding she is set to officiate in a few weeks.

Parks And Recreation actress Amy Poehler, who was interviewing Brownstein at the signing, provided a musical accompaniment for the occasion by playing 'Greensleeves' on an organ.

Watch in the video below.

Brownstein and comedy partner Fred Armisen recently revealed that TV series Portlandia will end in 2018.

The sketch show is due to return for its sixth season early next year. IFC has also already ordered a seventh season for 2017, with an eighth season for 2018 is all but confirmed, with the network's president Jen Caserta insisting that IFC will "do this show until there's no more show to do".

During a press event recently, Brownstein and Armisen said that Portlandia would end with its eighth season in "this iteration", which suggests the show could be revived in the future for some kind of spin-off or self-contained special.

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