Father of three-year-old DJ Arch Jr defends 'South Africa's Got Talent' winner over 'fake' claims

DJ Arch Jr recently became the youngest ever winner of the TV talent show


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The father of a three-year-old DJ who recently won South Africa's Got Talent has defended the youngster over claims that he was only pretending to mix during the TV final.

DJ Arch Jr recently became the youngest ever winner of the South African series, impressing judges with his DJing skills.

However, Arch – who has been labelled 'the world's youngest DJ' – had been at the centre of claims by sceptics that the audio for his mixing console wasn't plugged in.

The child's father has subsequently taken to Facebook to offer an explanation. "I think we must take this opportunity to educate our friends smile emoticon," he wrote.

"I am sure you have came across picture saying 'no audio out cables, so the mix was fake' smile emoticon, was my mix that good that people thought it was fake? Normally when you use a computer and a controller you have 2 options when it comes to audio out, it is either you go with the computers audio out or the controllers audio out.

"Usually I use the controllers audio out but it gave us a buzzing sound so we had to go with the computers audio out, makes no difference really," he added.

See the moment that DJ Arch Jr won the TV talent contest below and watch an interview with his father beneath.

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