Weezer announce new album release date

New release set to hit the shelves in October

Rivers Cuomo from Weezer. 2008 was the year he stopped acting batshit barmy and concentrated on writing amazing tunes again. 'Pork And Beans' boasted his best chorus in years, not to mention the best Weezer video since 'Buddy Holly'. Pic: PA Photos
Weezer have announced that their next album will be released on October 27.

The pop-rockers, led by Rivers Cuomo, made the announcement on their official website, Weezer.com.

The band are yet to reveal the title and tracklisting of the album yet – although in a message on the site they promised that there would be "more to come" soon.

It is thought that Jacknife Lee, who has worked on recent albums by U2, R.E.M and Bloc Party, is producing the album.

The release will be the follow-up to last year's self-titled album, often dubbed 'The Red Album', due to its colour scheme.

Weezer debuted three new songs live at the Jisan Valley Rock Festival in South Korea last month.

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