Willy Mason's family rift

New video causes disagreement between father and son

Willy Mason
Willy Mason has stirred up a family feud due to the filming of his new video ’We Can Be Strong’.

The promo begins where the underwater ’Save Myself' video left off, where a straitjacketed Willy returns to his actual Martha’s Vineyard home.

Real footage of Mason's family and friends in their living room is mixed with an offbeat metaphorical storyline.

However, Mason’s father, who apparently loathed the ’Save Myself’ video and posted an alternative version on YouTube (see below), flatly refused to play the role of his dad in ’We Can Be Strong’.

Instead, the singer has enlisted the acting abilities of cult actor Mike Hayden, best known for his cameo in 1975 film 'Jaws!'.

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