11 Bizarre Ways Rock Stars Have Travelled To Gigs

  • Given that Arcade Fire and co. have been demanding that fans stick on their finest gladrags for their gigs, it's no great shock that they're are fond of journeying to gigs in style: they recently traveled to their gig in Blackpool by tram – giant papier mache heads and all. Which got us thinking about other bands who've utilised odd transport to turn up at their shows...

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    Added: 29 Nov 2013

  • Always prone to the overdramatic, Lady Gaga became the turning point of the Grammy Awards in 2011 by arriving on the red carpet concealed in a giant egg which she then 'hatched' out of during her performance. What a yolk, eh?

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    Added: 14 Feb 2011

  • A nifty bit of PR from Rihanna, here, as she tops up her Oyster card and hops on the Tube to show that she's not a pampered popstar, but is actually a regular Plain Jane just like them. Still preferable to her chaotic '777 Tour' of last year, in which she risked a bunch of journalists off on a private plane and then watched them go bonkers when she refused to give them interview time.

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    Added: 06 Oct 2011

  • Ferry? Pah! Leicester's finest Kasabian thumbed their noses at traditional travel and channeled their inner Duran Duran instead in 2007, electing to zoom towards their headline spot at that year's Isle Of Wight festival by commandeering a speedboat.

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    Added: 09 Jun 2011

  • While her hubby Jay Z made the headlines for hobbing with an old woman on the Subway en route to a gig in New York, Beyonce chose the scenic route instead as she hopped on her bicycle to get to her gig at Brooklyn's Barclays Centre in August of this year. And, naturally, Instagrammed the whole thing, too.


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  • Perfect escalator etiquette from Muse's Matt Bellamy, obeying those all-important 'Please Stand On The Right' safety instructions as he heads off to this year's Brit Awards on the Underground. Which seems a bit mundane, considering as he also supposedly owns...

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    Added: 21 Feb 2013

  • ... a bloody jetpack! Or, to give it its proper title, a Paramotor. "It's basically a 50cc motor attached to a big propeller and a paraglider," he revealed in 2008. "It's the same as the one that guy used to fly into the Mike Tyson fight a few years ago."

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  • He's got 99 Problems, but getting to a gig ain't one: shortly before he headlined 2008's Glastonbury festival, Jay Z journeyed to Norway's Hove festival with the help of a speedboat. Dare you to try that one at Worthy Farm, Hova.

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  • In July of this year, Dave Matthews came unstuck when he burst a tyre while cycling, leaving him stranded and with no way of getting to a gig in Pennsylvania. Fortunately, fan Emily Kraus and her boyfriend drove by the singer in their car en route to the gig and offered him a ride.

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  • Tasked with opening the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury in 2003, The Darkness decided a bog-standard tourbus just wouldn't suffice: instead, the spandex-clad rockers arrived at Worthy Farm via helicopter.

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  • We all know that the Tube is way more fun when you go with your mates, which is probably why Chris Martin, Jay Z and Drake decided to head to the O2 Arena in July of this year by hopping on the Jubilee Line at Waterloo until they embarked at North Greenwich station.

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    Added: 28 Nov 2013