15 Things NME Learnt This Week (23/11/2013)

  • We love to learn, and here are some things we learned this week. First of all, we learned what it would look like if Lady Gaga were to have what NME's mum calls a 'snuggle party' with R Kelly, thanks to their Saturday Night Live appearance. Absolutely bonkers, is the answer. Bonkers bonking.

    Photo: PA

    Added: 04 Nov 2013

  • We learned what Kurt Cobain would look like if he were still alive (assuming he wouldn't have gone bald/embraced the Skrillex cut.)

    Photo: Press/Sachs Media Group

    Added: 21 Nov 2013

  • Thanks to the 'Bound 2' video, we're now one step closer to the inevitable Kim/Kanye sex tape.

    Photo: Youtube

    Added: 19 Nov 2013

  • Bloody Foo Fighters are coming back.

    Photo: Press/Foo Fighters

    Added: 21 Nov 2013

  • Arcade Fire's Win Butler said he's "not sorry" if anyone was made to feel uncomfortable by having to dress up to watch their shows. He's also said he's bought the "wellies" ready for summer 2014 festivals, which lots of people assume means Glastonbury.

    Photo: Jenn Five/NME

    Added: 12 Nov 2013

  • Arctic Monkeys will play two huge outdoor shows in Finsbury Park in May 2014. In a surprise move, Miles Kane is among the support.

    Photo: Joey Maloney/NME

    Added: 08 Nov 2013

  • Noel Gallagher says 'If there is an Oasis reunion, I won't be in it'. We're pretty sure that's just Beady Eye.

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    Added: 31 Jul 2013

  • Lily Allen has confirmed that she'll be at Glastonbury 2014. Whether she brings her balloons with her remains to be seen.

    Photo: PA

    Added: 13 Nov 2013

  • In further Lily Allen news, she's admitted she 'can't listen' to her John Lewis Christmas advert song. We're not sure why we should have to.

    Photo: Tom Oxley/NME

    Added: 13 Jan 2012

  • Eminem has admitted he was: "too lazy to finish 'Marshall Mathers LP 2''. We 'spose the rapper is getting on a bit.

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    Added: 06 Nov 2013

  • Coldplay's Chris Martin DJ'd for Arcade Fire while disguised as a skeleton. We thought it was Bonehead.


    Added: 07 Nov 2013

  • Eminem 'offered to help Justin Bieber' during his recent problems. We're not sure Slim Shady would be the best agony uncle.

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    Added: 07 Nov 2013

  • The Who's Roger Daltrey has said that he'll "never forgive Labour for allowing mass immigration." In an interview Daltrey said that he believes that the party's policies marked a downtown for the UK, and added that its made him angry that immigrants "get it in the neck" even though "it's not their fault".

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    Added: 31 Mar 2011

  • Ronnie Spector calls Kanye West 'a dick'. This from a woman who was married to Phil Spector.

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    Added: 28 Jul 2011

  • Kings Of Leon say pop music is 'making the world a bad place'. Probably a bad time to point out we enjoyed Rizzle Kicks' performance more than KOL's recent spot on Children In Need Rocks. Oh well.

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    Added: 11 Nov 2013